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8 Daily Habits to Build Unstoppable Confidence and Transform Your Life!




As a coach one of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping people transform their lives. It may seem like an overwhelming task when you compare where you are now to where you want to be. But when you commit to a new way of life and decide this must become your new identity it will work. It’s essential to break down your goals into manageable, achievable steps that you can incorporate into your daily life until they become second nature. You will never look back!


Confidence is the foundation for all change. When you can self-motivate, focus and utilise confidence-boosting habits the world is your oyster. It all starts with setting small goals and completing them. The following

8 daily habits are designed to build your self-confidence, boost your self-esteem, and help you achieve your goals.


1. Start Your Day with Positive Affirmations

Many of my clients can talk at length about all their negative traits and personal failings but with positive affirmations we can use those negatives and turn them around intentionally.


I am asking you to be aware of your negative self-talk and become your own cheerleader. There is scientific based evidence that backs up the effectiveness of affirmations. A study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience used MRI to reveal that practising self-affirmation activates the reward centres in your brainIf nothing else by interrupting the negative self-talk you will start to be more mindful and witness the impact these thoughts have on your emotions.

Create a list of your most frequent negative thoughts or phrases you direct towards yourself. Change those statements to positive affirmations and repeat them throughout the day. Consistency is key. You might not believe these positive affirmations to start with but given time they will become second nature. These are powerful tools to help build your self-confidence and self-esteem.


Begin each day with a morning affirmation “Today I will focus on what makes me feel good” and “Everything unfolds as it should” “Everything always works out in my favour”. Confidence-boosting statements like "I am capable," "I am worthy", “I am a magnet for success” and "I can achieve anything I set my mind to" will set a positive tone for the day. Continue this practice throughout your day, I often ask clients to set a 30 min reminder so they get into the habit of repeating & compunding their daily affirmations of confidence.


2. Set Daily Goals

Setting and achieving small, manageable goals each day can significantly boost your confidence. Small goals for confidence could be as simple as completing a task at work, exercising for 30 minutes, or writing in your journal. Daily goal setting should be part of your to-do list that you incorporate into your routine. Completing small tasks builds confidence and self-esteem. It has been said that just making your bed every morning when you wake boosts your morale and motivates you towards completing other tasks. It may seem insignificant but to make your bed you will have accomplished the first task of the day within minutes of waking – what a great habit to get into. No matter what happens in the day ahead you will always have a tidy bed to go home to.


3. Practice Gratitude

You cannot underestimate the power of a daily gratitude practice. All my clients take a few minutes each day to reflect on what they're grateful for. Writing it down and reflecting on your day in a journal helps you shift your focus from what you lack to what you have. The benefits of practising gratitude are a more positive outlook and increased self-esteem. A simple exercise I recommend to all new clients is to note down “Three Good Things” where they note down three things that went well in their day. Whether that may be Gratitude for good health, a parking space outside the shop or a wonderful meal. A study of this practice found that people who wrote down three things that had gone well in their day were happier and less depressed. The whole idea is to magnify positive feelings and therefore you become more resilient in times of adversity. This resilience and increased self-esteem all promote a greater sense of self-confidence in the individual.


4. Exercise Regularly

We should all be exercising, every day because physical activity is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Exercise releases endorphins, which naturally boost your mood and confidence. Whether that means taking the stairs at work, doing an online yoga class, or a gym workout, find what works for you and stick to it. I have worked with so many busy people who tell me they don’t have time for exercise or they go to the gym 5 times in a week and then don’t go back for months. It's about consistency and loving yourself enough to take time out to take care of yourself. Confidence is making yourself a priority so in turn you can show up for others. If all you can manage is a 10 minute walk at lunch time, start there for your daily workout but do it 5 times a week, no excuses. Many of my clients who were used to gruelling workouts in a gym didn’t think walking was of any benefit. That was until they started doing it daily. They could fit in a walk every day, around their schedule and because they did it consistently and increased their distance gradually they ended up losing weight they’d carried for years. Make an amazing playlist or listen to an inspiring podcast and get out in nature. You will look and feel amazing!!


5. Dress for Success

The way you dress directly impacts how you feel about yourself. Take the time and choose outfits that make you feel confident and empowered. When you know you look good you show up as a more powerful and assertive version of you that’s where the phrase “power dressing” was coined. Sometimes when we don’t feel confident, we want to disappear but by committing to dressing for confidence, even if it’s just a simple, smart and clean outfit is so effective. When you’re well-groomed and well-presented, you’re sending a signal that you care about and respect yourself, so others should too.


6. Maintain Good Posture

I can always spot someone who is depressed, self-conscious, or insecure person, almost at first glance. That’s because they reflect their lack of confidence in the way they carry themselves.


I ask my clients if they want to be more confident, pay close attention to their body language. This phenomenon is known as “embodied cognition” where your physical state can affect your mental state

The quickest way to improve your mood is to improve your Posture. Stop shrinking into yourself, with your shoulders hunched, trying to make yourself as small as possible. To exude confidence, you must stand tall with your shoulders back and your head held high. 


7.   Kindness

Confident people encourage and uplift people around them so when you are kind to yourself and treat yourself with grace (like you would a good friend), you will see that slowly but surely this will become a habit and your thoughts & self-esteem will reflect that. 


An extension of this is to make kindness a part of your everyday routine. Be kind to others. You never know the impact a small gesture of kindness can have on another person’s life. Studies have found that daily small acts of kindness to others is linked to an increase of feelings of well-being and confidence so it’s a win/win. I always encourage my clients to take the time to hold the door for someone, Say “Hello!”, smile at a stranger, or compliment someone. You never know when someone is struggling, and a small acknowledgement can change the direction of a person’s day for the better.

8. Master Your Mind - What You Focus On You Attract!

As human beings, we have a natural inclination to dedicate more of our focus and attention to things that go wrong rather than to things that go right. The more negative things we focus on, the more negative things there are to pay attention to, and ultimately, the more negative things we draw to ourselves. So as a Confidence Coach, when clients thought processes are inherently negative, it puts them into a mindset of fear, anxiety, and scarcity. It is my job to help change their perception, which will directly influence their reality.


When I work with someone to master confidence, it is essential they become the gatekeeper to the thoughts they are hosting and be able to redirect when they recognise destructive thought patterns and replace them. So, what is your emotional home? Where does your mind wander to? Self-talk has a significant impact on your confidence. Be mindful of how you speak to yourself. Replace negative thoughts with positive, encouraging ones.


To cultivate unstoppable confidence and transform your life you have to implement these steps into your daily life and be consistent with them. As a confidence coach, I see the opportunities my clients have when they work on their confidence and begin to engage with people, build a wide social network and have the ability to spark new adventures and relationships. With unstoppable confidence, you will gain the respect and trust of others and be able to embrace life and all it has to offer. Don't put it off start today, life is too short to live in the shadows. Step into the light, claim your confidence and the life you deserve!

To further enhance your confidence journey and receive personalised guidance, consider working with a dedicated confidence coach. As a coach, I can help you tailor these habits to your unique needs, provide ongoing support, and ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals. Click here to learn more about my coaching programmes and how they can transform your life. Don’t wait—start your journey to unstoppable confidence today!

Watch my video below for more information:


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